What should I do if I have a connecting flight?

FlyArystan operates on a point-to-point basis. This means onward flights are considered as separate journeys, or separate sectors. Therefore, you need to claim your baggage from your first sector flight and re-check it in for the subsequent flight. You must check-in again at the check-in counter to obtain your boarding pass. In the case of online check-in, you also need to prepare printed boarding passes for each route. The passenger is responsible for the consequences caused by being late to check-in / lack of check-in for connecting flights of the airline.

I would like to check in online with my family members (a friend), but we have different reservations. We would prefer to sit next to each other. What can I do?

You can purchase the seat selection service and choose seats that are next to each other both on our website or during your check-in at the airport.

I have checked in and I want to change my seat

To change your seat on board, first of all, cancel your online check-in via Manage My Booking section on the website and select/purchase the seat you would prefer (depending on the applicable fare).

Is online check-in is free of charge?

This service is free. If you have no preferences regarding your seats, the system will allocate a random free seat. If you want to choose a specific seat, you can purchase the seat selection service and choose a seat to be closer to the exist, window, or aisle.

How do I cancel online check-in?

You can cancel online check-in on the website in Manage My Booking section.

I have purchased the Comfort Plus bundle, can I select a seat in one of the front rows at the check-in desk in the airport?

To sit in one of the premiums rows, a Comfort Plus passenger should select the seat during reservation. When requesting a premium seat at the check-in desk without any selection made previously, please consider that all premium seats might already be purchased by other passengers. In such case you will be provided a seat in the nearest available row.

What happens if at the check-in it turns out that my suitcase weighs more than the established allowance or the dimensions of my hand baggage exceed the limits?

You can learn about the requirements applicable to the weight and dimensions of the hand baggage and baggage items in Baggage section on our website If your baggage items fail to comply with the requirements, at the airport the cost of the baggage transportation will be rated per kilogram of weight, which is several times more expensive than a preliminary purchase of the extra baggage allowance on the airline website. Preliminary purchase of the baggage services on the airline website closed 2 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.

What happens if I arrive several minutes later for the check-in or boarding?

Check-in at the airport closes within the time limit (40 minutes before the departure) established by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan and it is also reflected in the airline rules. This time is reserved by the airline to prepare all necessary pre-flight transportation documentation specifying the exact number of passengers, baggage items, and other data for further preparation of the aircraft for departure. Check-in at the airport closes at the strictly established time to ensure safety and timely flight operation. If will be late, the ground service employee cannot admit such passenger to departure.

Will I be able to get a refund for the ticket or get my ticket re-booked for another day if I fail to arrive to the airport on time?

If you fail to check in or proceed to the boarding gate by the established time, you reservation and boarding will be canceled. You will lose 100% of the amount paid for the ticket and will not be entitled to get a refund nor re-booking regardless of the fare type. We can recommend you to hold a certificate of insurance to cover such losses.

I want to keep up to date with news and upcoming airline promotions.

You need to register on the airline's website, and then you will receive a newsletter about upcoming promotions and news.

How can I report for a business trip?

We strongly recommend saving boarding passes and documents confirming the fact of payment for air transportation (fiscal checks and payment card statements). Since these documents, with an electronic ticket printout attached (in case of overseas business trips, it is also necessary to provide a copy of marks from the passport about crossing the state border), is a sufficient basis for classifying the costs of air transportation as deductions, and also gives the right to charge VAT on the ticket.

What are the airport fees/charges?

Most airports charge a “departure tax”, which is paid by each departing passenger. Usually such fees are included in the total cost of the ticket; however, some airports charge this fee directly when you check in for a flight. When booking tickets on the our website, airport fees are included in the ticket price.

Can I carry electronic cigarettes on board?

Transportation of electronic cigarettes is allowed only in hand baggage. Smoking electronic cigarettes onboard is strictly prohibited. Transportation of electronic cigarettes in checked baggage is prohibited.

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