Special services

FlyArystan aspires to make all passengers feel as comfortable as possible during flight.So that we could prepare to render high-quality assistance, please provide us with all necessary information.

According to paragraph 15 of Section 2 “Passenger Carriage Procedure” of the Order of the RK MIID No. 540, a passenger or a person when booking transportation on behalf of a passenger informs the airline 5 calendar days before the flight in the following cases:

  1. limited passenger mobility;
  2. transportation of a minor passenger;
  3. impaired function (absence) of vision or hearing impeding the independent movement of a passenger;
  4. in the case of subparagraph 3) of this paragraph, presence of a guide dog;
  5. presence of an infectious disease;
  6. pregnancy of more than 22 weeks;
  7. transportation of animals (birds);
  8. presence of baggage in excess of the established baggage allowance or bulky, heavy baggage in accordance with paragraph 54 of the Rules;
  9. presence of baggage that be carried only in the cabin of the aircraft;
  10. transportation of weapons, ammunition.

After receiving this information, the airline informs the passenger within 24 hours about denial of carriage if ensuring the carriage is impossible due to the technical capabilities of the aircraft in the cases specified in subparagraphs 1), 4), 5), 7), 8) , 9) and 10).

To request special assistance, please contact us at special.services@flyarystan.com. To rebook departure date with a confirmed special service, the passenger will need to get a confirmation for the new departure date and purchase the service again.

Sports equipment can be purchased via the website or Manage My Booking. You can also purchase service of sports equipment at the airport check-in desk, but please note that a service fee will be charged for such purchases. A fee of 5000 tenge on domestic flights and 20 euro on international flights per passenger is charged when purchasing sports equipment at the airport.

Passengers with reduced mobility

Some passengers have more difficulty than others in moving between the check-in areas and the aircraft, so we have designed a range of services for passengers in need of assistance. If you have reduced mobility please contact the FlyArystan Special Services desk (special.services@flyarystan.com) to arrange any of the special services listed below with guidelines on what you can expect from us.

Our attentive and caring staff will offer assistance before and after the flight as follows:

  • for passengers who can ascend and descend steps and make their own way to and from the cabin seat but require wheelchair assistance to cover long distances;
  • for passengers who cannot ascend and descend steps (require carrying), but are able to make their own way to and from the cabin seat (these passengers also require a wheelchair to cover long distances);
  • for passengers who are completely immobile and require a wheelchair to and from the aircraft (who must be carried up and down steps, and to and from their cabin seat).
If you have your own wheelchair:

We can carry wheelchairs of any type as a checked-in baggage only.Carriage of wheelchairs is free of charge and does not affect the free baggage allowance.

In order to enable us to give all necessary assistance for wheelchair carriage and to avoid possible inconvenience, please inform us in advance and send your request to special.services@flyarystan.comno later than 24 hours before departure. We are always delighted to accommodate these requests when the aircraft has space in the hold and the following requirements are met.

  • Manually-powered foldable wheelchairs

We accept equipment of this type to carriage without special restrictions.

  • Battery-powered wheelchairs, as well as other similar mobility aids

 - Wheelchairs with non-spillable batteries and wheelchairs with lithium batteries (lithium battery must be properly certified with indication that all required tests are made)

Where a battery-powered wheelchair is specifically designed to allow its battery to be removed by the user (e.g. collapsible), it is necessary:

  • To remove the battery. The wheelchair may then be carried as checked baggage without restriction. Removed battery must be carried in strong, rigid packaging.
  • To protect the battery terminals from short circuits.

Where a battery-powered wheelchair is specifically designed to NOT allow its battery to be removed by the user, it is necessary:

  • -To protect the battery terminals from short circuits.
  • -To attach the battery securely to the wheelchair or mobility aid.
  • -Electrical circuits have to be inhibited.

 - Wheelchairs with spillable batteries

Provided that the wheelchair or mobility aid can be loaded, stowed, secured and unloaded always in an upright position then the battery may remain installed in the wheelchair. In this case it is necessary:

  • To protect the battery terminals from short circuits.
  • To attach the battery securely to the wheelchair or mobility aid.
  • Electrical circuits have to be inhibited.

If the wheelchair or mobility aid CANNOT be loaded, stowed, secured and unloaded always in an upright position, the battery must be removed. The wheelchair may then be carried as checked baggage without restriction. Removed battery must be carried in strong, rigid packaging, which must be leak-tight and impervious to battery fluid.

In this case it is necessary:

  • To protect the battery terminals from short circuits.
  • To secure the battery in upright position inside it’s packaging and to surround it by compatible absorbent material sufficient to absorb their total liquid contents if spilled.

Walking frames, crutches, plasters

  • You can bring a pair of crutches/walking sticks and foldable walking frames on board the aircraft free of charge.
  • If the walking frames do not fold, it has to be checked-in with no additional charge.
  • You cannot travel with a broken leg in plaster that you can’t bend at the knee.

Due to technical characteristics of our aircrafts FlyArystanis not able to accept passengers who can be only be transported on a stretcher.

Visually and hearing impaired passengers

At FlyArystan we make every effort to ensure that our flights are as comfortable and accessible as possible for all of our customers. Passengers with visual or hearing impairments are welcome to travel FlyArystan flights with an assistance dog at no additional cost. The animal is not considered to be part of the passenger’s baggage allowance. A trained assistance dog may be transported in the cabin at the feet of its owner. Please make sure that the dog is always muzzled and has the required veterinary documents and certificates. Please also notify your agent or our Special Services desk at special.services@flyarystan.combefore you travel.


Passengers with impaired hearing can receive the care and assistance of our staff through the check-in procedure. Please advise your travel agent or inform us of your need for this service 24 hours before departure at special.services@flyarystan.com.

Expectant mothers

  • Expectant mothers should come to check-in as early as possible (preferably at check-in opening time).
  • Expectant mothers must provide a prenatal record during check-in to determine the dates of pregnancy and further actions.
  • Expectant mothers with a pregnancy up to 22 weeks are transported without the provision of a doctors certificate approving the expectant mother for travel.
  • Expectant mothers with a pregnancy from 22 weeks until 34 weeks inclusive (single pregnancy) and from 22 weeks to 32 weeks inclusive (for multiple pregnancies), can be accepted only if there is a doctors certificate from a medical organizations about the pregnancy and certifying good health. For international flights the doctors certificate must be translated into the required foreign language. The validity of the certificate is 30 days.
  • Expectant mothers with a pregnancy of over 34 weeks (single pregnancy), and over 32 weeks (with multiple pregnancie)s are carried only on the findings of the Medical Consultative Board or equivalent competence doctor’s commission. The medical assessment must be made on form No. 026, or certificate issued by competence doctor’s commission. For international flights the doctor certificate must be translated into the required foreign language, used in the country of departure. The validity of the certificate is 30 days.
  • If the expectant mother has any problems with her health, even at early pregnancy stage, she should consult with her doctor before travelling by air transport.
  • FlyArystan is eligible to refuse to transport the expectant mother even if there is an available medical certificate, if the delivery date is expected in the next 7 calendar days.
  • Always, the health of the expectant mother is under the liability of herself and the doctor issuing the certificate and the permitted expectant mother to travel by air transport.
  • New mothers after childbirth and newborn children are not permitted to fly within the first 7 days after birth.
  • FlyArystan is eligible to refuse to transport an expectant mother if it is governed by the requirements of the immigration laws of the country-destination.



Unaccompanied minors

Price on domestic flights - 9 500 tenge.

An unaccompanied minor is a child from 6 to 16 years inclusive not being accompanied by an adult passenger on domestic flights.


Children aged under 6 can be carried only if attended by an adult passenger.


You can purchase the service for the transportation of an unaccompanied child during booking of a ticket or after, but no later than 24 hours before the departure time via the FlyArystan Contact Center +7 727 331 10 10, or at a travel agency. If it is necessary to re-book a ticket for a child, the service for transporting of an unaccompanied child cannot be automatically transferred by the system to another date, and therefore, before the re-booking of a ticket for a child, contact the FlyArystan Contact Center by phone +7 727 331 10 10, or a travel agency and receive confirmation of the possibility of transferring the service to another date and then proceed with a rebooking of a ticket according to the terms of the applicable fare.


An unaccompanied minor transportation is a chargeable service and should be paid additionally to the ticket price. Learn more about the rates here.


At the check-in counter the unaccompanied minor can be accepted only after his parent/guardian complete and sign application form for the unaccompanied minor’s transportation which, will be provided at the airport by the FlyArystan representative. The form will include information on both the responsible adult delivering the child upon the departure and the responsible adult collecting the minor upon arrival.


Should the responsible adult who is taking the unaccompanied minor to the airport upon departure not be one of the parents/legal guardians of the child, he/she must provide a notarized letter approving the release of the child to the responsible adult by the child’s parents or legal guardian and the identification document of the responsible adult.


Here are the details of the service:


  • At the check-in counter of the departure airport the child will be met by ground staff of the handling company who will ensure all travel documents are completed correctly, check-in the child and his/her baggage (if needed). The unaccompanied child will be supervised until handed over to the cabin crew team. The responsible adult, seeing the child off on departure, should stay at the airport until the aircraft takes off.
  • On board the child will be met and assisted by the cabin crew team. In order to supervise the child by flight attendants during the flight, he/she will be given a seat in the last row. Therefore, the "Seat Selection" service is not available for this category of passengers. The unaccompanied passenger will be seated next to female passenger (the minimum age requirement is 18 age).
  • At the destination airport our crew team will hand over the unaccompanied minor to the ground staff of the handling company who will help to pick up the child’s baggage (if needed) and accompany him/her to a person who is assigned to meet him.
  • The unaccompanied child shall be handed over only to the designated adult noted in the application form after verification of the identity of this person. The meeting person must be ready to provide the ID. The person who is assigned to meet the child is fully responsible for taking care of the child after the flight arrival.
  • The ground staff of the handling company contacts the person assigned to meet the child if this person is failed to be at the airport in accordance with prior arrangements. If the person assigned to meet the child can’t be reached within 30 minutes, the child will be passed to a local police department, and the person who accompanied the child to departure airport will be immediately informed accordingly.

For additional safety, unaccompanied minors will not be accepted for all FlyArystan flights from 23:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. (at the point of origin), even in case of absence of an alternative flights.


Unaccompanied child must arrive at the airport to check-in no later than 2 hours prior to departure, as the check-in procedures require some time for checking and filling out the supporting documents.

Carriage of pets

Animals are carried for an additional fee. Please see information about rates here.

General Information

FlyArystan understands that sometimes our customers need to travel with their pets, as there are times when a family holiday would be incomplete without their furry friend or pets need to relocated to new homes overseas. Our primary concern is to do so as safely and as comfortably as possible.


FlyArystan allows small cats, dogs, turtles and tortoises (up to 8 kilos) to accompany passengers in the cabin.

Passengers travelling with animals cannot be seated on the 1st and Emergence exit rows. No more than one passenger with a confirmed service for pet carriage in the cabin is allowed in a single row.


Cats and dogs weighing more than 8 kilos can travel in the cargo hold.


Aquarium fish, birds and rodents cannot be transported either in the cabin or as checked baggage. It is allowed to transport birds, fish and rodents in the cargo compartments of an aircraft with an air waybill. For transportation, you must contact cargo@airastana.com.

  • Aquarium fishs are transported only as cargo in special sealed bags, inflated with oxygen (in a pet store) and placed in a sturdy box.
  • Without prior approval and booking of transportation, you should not bring your pets directly to the passenger check-in desk for the flight.
  • For transportation, you need to contact the cargo transportation department cargo@airastana.com.

Please advise us of your plans to travel with animals so that FlyArystancan confirm their transportation.

Please send notification of your intension to carry animals on board of FlyArystan flights at least 24 hours before their scheduled departure, to either your travel agent or to the FlyArystanSpecial Services desk (special.services@flyarystan.com). Air company has the right to reject the request regardless of the time it was received due to security requirements


FlyArystan do everything they can to make the transportation of pets as stress-free as possible. We do request, however, that customers do not present their pets at check-in without having made a preliminary booking for their transportation. Otherwise we cannot guarantee that we will be able to carry your animal.


Please make sure that the container provided is strong enough to keep your pet secure during the journey. The container must have a leak-proof bottom and holes for feeding and ventilation. If the container has wheels, please remove them or immobilise them. The container should be large enough to permit the animal to stand upright and lie down comfortably in its natural position.


You will be asked to provide the following documents for transporting of pets:
  • Your pet’s passport
  • A veterinary certificate

On January 1, 2023, the Decree of the Government of Georgia No. 551 “On Approval of the Rules for the Non-Commercial Movement of Pets across the Customs Border of Georgia” came into force.

Among other documents for pets arriving from the Republic of Kazakhstan, a rabies antibody titration test is required. In the absence of this document, the pet will be subject to return back. 

Please ensure that you have all the required documentation when you book transport for your pet as they will not be able to travel without them.


Animals transported in the passenger cabin (PETC)


For PETC the maximum weight is 8 kg (17 lb.) including the weight of the container. A passenger can carry only one container.


For safe storage onboard the aircraft the container can be no larger than 30 x 47 x 27 cms.


For transportation of small dogs and cats we recommend that you use a soft bag that has been specially designed for the purpose. These pet travel bags are available at good pet shops. Ordinary soft bags cannot be used for PETC transportation.


Animals transported as baggage in the cargo holds (AVIH)


For AVIH the maximum weight is 50 kg including the weight of the container. Animals exceeding this weight limit need be shipped as cargo under an air waybill. Pets over 40 kg must be transported in strong wooden containers.


For AVIH a maximum of two animals of comparable size, weighing up to 14 kg each and used to living together, may be shipped in the same container. Animals over 14 kg must travel individually. Up to three animals under the age of six months and from the same litter may be shipped in the same container.


The pet must be at least 3 months old to be entitled to transportation.


You can check the tariff for excess baggage on our website at Services and Fees.If you have any questions please contact special.services@flyarystan.com.

Attention! The importation of animals into India is prohibited. Only export is allowed.


Carriage of sport equipment

FlyArystancan accommodate a whole range of specialist baggage to make your trip rewarding.You can carry your sporting equipment for an additional fee. Please see information about rates here.


Sports equipment can be purchased via the website or Manage My Booking.



Maximum equipment allowed per one passenger

Ski equipment

One case, containing a pair of skis and a pair of ski poles;
One case, containing a pair of ski shoes and a helmet.

Snowboard equipment

One case, containing one snowboard;
One case, containing a pair of ski shoes and a helmet


One bicycle

Golf Equipment

One case/golf bag, containing:
14 golf clubs,
12 golf balls, gold tees,
1 pair of golf shoes
Total overall weight is maximum 15kg.

Surf Boards

One case, containing one board


One case, containing one canoe

Diving Equipment

One case, containing: a buoyancy control device, a regulator, a mask and snorkel, one wetsuit, a pair of fins, a weight belt with weights.


*Bicycles must be securely packed, pedals removed, and tires deflated


**Diving bottles are empty and the valves are open for transportation. The diving lamp must be de-energized, the lamp and battery must be removed and transported only in hand luggage.


Please note that we cannot provide packaging material. Please ensure you pack your sporting equipment in accordance with the above-mentioned requirements. If it is not properly packaged, we won’t be able to transport it.


Musical instruments, fragile and bulky items

A musical instrument can be carried on aircraft as hand baggage if the instrument, including its carry case, does not exceed the dimensions of 56x23x36 cm and the weight of 5kg. Please note that dombyra cannot be accepted as hand luggage because it does not meet the above mentioned dimensions.If its weight more than 5 kg but does not exceed 10 kg it can be carried as Hand Baggage for additional fee.

  • examples of such instruments are violins, violas, flutes, clarinets, trumpets, ukuleles
  • the musical instrument case should be placed in the hand baggage sizer: width & depth must fit and height should be less than approximately 1.5 times the allowed height
  • the small musical instrument is your hand baggage and no other piece can be carried on board
  • the musical instrument must be placed in the overhead compartment

Musical instruments that do not fit the above dimensions and cannot be transported as checked-in baggage can be carried on an aircraft seat after purchasing the seat. A weight of musical instrument must not exceed 30 kg. Dimensions of the musical case must not exceed 120 x 50 x 30 cm, and passenger/owner must be able to carry the instrument and secure it to the relevant seat by himself.

  • an additional seat for a musical instrument can be issued only when booking a ticket no later than 24 hours before departure.
  • for safety reasons instruments carried on an extra seat in the cabin cannot be placed in the emergency exit rows and first row, and they must be placed on a window seat.
  • instruments larger than a cello (e.g. double bass, harp, etc.) must be checked in with a “Limited Release” tag.

For further information on the transportation of musical instruments within the cabin and to make your request, please contact special.services@flyarystan.com or FlyArystan contact centre.

The passenger must contact the special services department or contact center before booking a ticket.

Transportation of weapons

Weapons and ammunition


For transportation of Weapons and Ammunition, prior approval and additional payment are required.


If you want to transport weapons, you must get a permit. To do this, you should send a request directly to the FlyArystan special service Department at the address no later than 72 hours before departure special.services@flyarystan.com, or by calling the airline's contact center at +7 (727) 331 10 10.


Type and quantity of weapons:


  • model, serial number, tag number of the weapon
  • purpose of use
  • type and quantity of ammunition, cartridges for weapons (not more than 5 kg gross weight per person is allowed; allowances for more than one person must not be combined into one or more pieces of baggage).

You can familiarize yourself with the prices and conditions of carriage below. Fare must be paid immediately after your request is confirmed:



Maximum equipment allowed per one passenger

Weapons and ammunition

20 000 KZT

1 weapon in packaging/case (one item of baggage)*
1 packaging with ammunition (one item of baggage)

 *each additional weapon is payed additionally at above stated prices for carriage of weapon and ammunition

Conditions of carriage:


It is allowed to carry only in checked baggage: sporting and hunting weapons, handguns and rifled weapons, as well as securely packed ammunition (cartridges for weapons) belonging to Hazard Division 1.4S (UN numbers 0012 and 0014).


Weapons and ammunition must be packed in different bags in accordance with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. If necessary, a special luggage box must be used to separate both items from each other.


Weapons must be unloaded. Ammunition carried in passenger aircraft must be for personal use for sporting and/or hunting purposes only.


Each passenger may carry a maximum of 5 kg gross of ammunition (must be weighed) for their own personal use. Allowances for more than one person must not be combined into one or more pieces of baggage.


Ammunition must be securely packaged, i.e. in standard commercial packaging. For timely completion of all formalities at the airport passengers should approach check in desk no later than 30 minutes before the check in closure.


Prohibited to carry ammunition with explosive or incendiary projectiles.