Group booking

Book for a group of 15 on domestic for domestic and 10 people for international destinations and enjoy special benefits!

  • have the same price for all participants of the group;
  • reserve seats even if you do not know the names of all travelers at requesting time;
  • enjoy the flexibility to change names free of charge after ticketing prior to departure.

Group fares do not include baggage or other travel extra fees. Special Promotions are not applicable to group bookings.

How to book groups:

  1. Send a request to
  2. Write what specific dates / destinations / flights you are interested in and the exact number of traveling passengers.
  3. We’ll send you fare proposal and conditions with a special digital unique number. This number helps us easily identify your request cnsuming time and making the whole process more effective.
  4. Decide to take our offer or leave it. Let us know your decision.
  5. Based on your confirmation we will send you an agreement. Please review it thoroughly and send us filled and signed from your side, scanned copy of the agreement.
  6. After paper formalities with agreement signing within agreed time-frame period the seats in the booking will be granted.
  7. Our authorized agent will contact you to clarify ticketing procedures and payment details.