Ticket purchase (refund / re-booking / voucher)

Can I get a ticket with an identity card?

The following identity documents* are valid for air carriage within Kazakhstan:

  • Passport (for citizens of Republic of Kazakhstan - with IIN);
  • National identity card (for citizens of Republic of Kazakhstan - with IIN);
  • Residence permit of a foreign citizen in the Republic of Kazakhstan (with IIN);
  • Card of a stateless person;
  • Certificate of a refugee;
  • Birth certificate (for citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan aged under 16).

* Original of document must be presented.

How do I find my booking confirmation code?

You will receive a confirmation code after a successful booking. It will be indicated on the confirmation page, as well as in the itinerary receipt sent to you by e-mail. The code consists of 6 characters (can contain letters and/or numbers).

I did not select a seat during the booking. Can I make it later?

If you want to book or change the seat you can do it for an additional fee via the FlyArystan Contact Centre or on the website via "Manage booking".

What types of credit cards can I use for making a reservation?

The airline accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Union Pay cards of any bank.

How can I book a group?

You need to go to the "Email Us" section and fill in the online form.

How can I make changes to my ticket?

You can change your ticket on the website via Manage booking or via the FlyArystan Contact Centre  +7(727) 331 10 10.

Where can I refund my ticket?

If you bought a ticket on Flyarystan website or mobile app, you can issue a refund through "my booking" in the application or through "manage my booking" on the website, if you bought from an agency, then you need to contact the place of purchase.

I bought a round-trip ticket. Can I use only the return ticket?

Yes, you can use the return flight, but the ticket price for the first flight will not be refunded.

The payment was successfully completed but ticket has not been issued. What should I do?

Please call the Contact Center by +7 727 331 10 10 or contact us by flyarystan.com/emailus, alternatively, you can use FlyArystan live cha in the FlyArystan app, and present your bank card details: the first 6 and the last 4 digits of the card number and the amount that has been withdrawn, full names of the passengers, the flight dates, and the destinations.

What are the documents required to fly with (in case of pregnancy, flying with children, etc.)?

The passenger has to present the original identification document used for issuing the ticket. The list of the documents valid for air transportation in the territory of Kazakhstan is available on our website flyarystan.com/travel-documents. The passengers with special service requests in their reservations must present all documents required by law at the check-in desk. Learn more at flyarystan.com/special-assistance

I have received my refund as a voucher. How can I use it? Will the voucher expire if I don’t fly soon? Where can I find my voucher? 

You can use the voucher next time when you purchase a flight ticket or additional services by selecting Voucher as a payment method during the payment procedure on flyarystan.com or via FlyArystan Contact Center. A voucher is valid for 6 months from the moment of issue. It will be automatically emailed to you. Learn more at flyarystan.com/flyarystan-voucher

How long does it take for a refund/re-booking request to be processed? 

All requests are processed in the order of submission. When your request is processed, you will receive an email to the address used for submitting the request.

Why I did not receive an SMS/email notification of the flight changes?

All notifications of flight departure changes are sent to the contacts specified by the passengers during reservation. It is therefore important to ensure that your contact details are specified correctly.

I have difficulties reaching the Contact Center.

The Contact Center line might be overloaded due to the large number of incoming calls. In this situation you might be recommended to write us via the FlyArystan Live Chat in the FlyArystan app or send your request at flyarystan.com/emailus

How can I change my surname after marriage/divorce?

If the ticket is purchased after the official change of the surname/name, you cannot change the data in the ticket. In this case you have to refund your ticket according to the fare rules and purchase a new one.
The date of the official change of the surname/name is the date when the new document, ID card or passport, is issued. If the ticket was issued before the official change of the surname/name due to marriage/divorce, use the contact form at flyarystan.com/emailus to submit your request at least 3 business days before the departure and attach a quality color copy of the new document and the document confirming the fact of the name or surname change.

What is a personal account?

A personal account is a convenient service that allows you to:

  • save your data for faster booking;
  • see all your reservations in one place;
  • add services to the reservation, make changes to the reservation.

You can create a personal account on the site, after registering, and then follow the instructions received by e-mail.

Is it necessary that the person making the payment via the Internet should be one of the travelers?

The credit card holder may be a different person, but please note that the owner of the card is responsible for all transactions made during the online booking.

Can I create a personal account for myself and my spouse at the same email address?

An email address is unique to each user — you need to use two different addresses.

What should I do if I have forgotten my account password?

Please email us by membership@flyarystan.com

What do I do if there is an error in the spelling of the first or last name in the issued ticket?


In case of incorrect order or other spelling error, the passenger must contact the place where the ticket was purchased. The correction is chargeable.

Detailed information is available on page Name/Surname correction

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