Passenger behaviour rules

FlyArystan Policy

The FlyArystan policy regarding unacceptable passenger behavior states that:

  • All unacceptable behavior will result in consequences;
  • Staff members have authority to prevent and stop unacceptable passenger behavior;
  • Unacceptable behavior will be reported to the relevant authorities and FlyArystan will render maximum assistance to them in prosecuting passengers for any criminal offences;
  • FlyArystan will institute legal action in the interests of flight safety and to protect company staff and equipment should the results from the above measures be considered inadequate.


Unacceptable behavior

Offences by a FlyArystan passenger that are considered unacceptable include:

  • Putting the aircraft, or any person on it, in danger;
  • Threatening, abusing or insulting the crew or other passengers;
  • Deliberately interfering with the crew in carrying out their duties;
  • Failing to obey the instructions of the crew relating to safety or security;
  • Failing to obey the seatbelt sign and the FlyArystan policy banning smoking onboard;
  • Committing a criminal offence;
  • Consuming alcoholic drinks, including those acquired in duty free shops and excluding those offered onboard the aircraft as a standard service;
  • Failing to obey the crew’s instructions relating to drink limitations;
  • Using electronic devices and means of communication during taxiing, take-off and landing; Making a hoax bomb or other security threat;
  • Behaving in a way which causes discomfort and inconvenience to the crew or other passengers;
  • Damaging airline property and/or removing it from the aircraft.

FlyArystan may take any measures to prevent continued unacceptable behavior by a passenger, including:

  • Refusing to allow the passenger to continue on any remaining legs of the journey;
  • Handing the passenger over to the relevant authorities with a possibility of prosecution for any criminal offences the passenger might have committed according to the laws of the destination country.


Diversion costs caused by unacceptable behavior

If, as a result of a passenger’s unacceptable behavior, the crew diverts the aircraft to an unscheduled destination, the passenger is obliged to pay us the reasonable and proper costs of the diversion. If the passenger refuses to pay the costs of the diversion, FlyArystan reserves the right to go to court to recover the cost of the damages.

Criminal responsibility for deliberately false information of an act of terrorism and illegal transportation of prohibited items

For deliberately false information (including jokes) of an act of terrorism, illegal transportation of all types of weapons and ammunition, explosive, narcotic and other items and substances that may cause harm to other passengers or the air carrier, criminal liability is provided in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.