Manage my booking

Booking number

Purchase add-ons even after buying a ticket or even if the ticket was booked via an online/travel agency. Baggage and extended hand baggage fees at the airport are more expensive. Therefore, we recommend you to purchase services online in advance for a better price.

Buy additional services

Regardless of the place of purchase, you can buy additional services such as pre-paid baggage, Hand Baggage Plus, seat, meal, sports equipment, and priority boarding no later than 2 hours before departure on domestic routes and no later than 3 hours on international ones.

Change departure date or time

You can change your flight's date and time by paying the Service fee, Penalty for the flight change, and if applicable - fare differences no later than 2 hours for domestic and no later than 3 hours for international flights before your actual flight's scheduled departure time.

* If the ticket was purchased at an agency or online agency, you have to contact the place of purchase.

 Check-in for the flight

You can check in for your flight online.

Online check-in for domestic flights opens 30 days and closes 40 minutes before departure. Online check-in* for international flights opens 30 days and closes 60 minutes before departure. Starting from August 3rd, 2023 check-in at the airport for international flights is going to be for pay. Check-in for charter flights is unavailable online and can only be done at the airport.

* Boarding passes for international flights can only be obtained after checking passports at the airport check-in at least 60 minutes before departure.

** During online check-in, the system will automatically assign you a free random seat. You can also choose a seat that is comfortable for you when going through online check-in for an extra charge. Baggage and other extra services are available for purchase on the website before and after online check-in, but no later than 2 hours before departure.

 Print tickets

If you need you can download and print tickets. An air ticket is not a boarding pass.

 Change contact details

You can edit the contact person's details, and change the phone number or email address.


You can refund your ticket no later than 2 hours before the scheduled departure time for the domestic flight and no later than 3 hours for the international flight by paying a fine.

  • The cancelation fee and refund option depend on your fare type. Please check your fare type here.
  • The fee of fare bundles, additional services, and commission fees are non-refundable.

To cancel your booking, click the "cancel flight" button.

*Available only for tickets purchased at and in the FlyArystan mobile app. In other cases, contact your agency.