From Almaty to Pavlodar by plane: cheap flights in Kazakhstan

Flight from Almaty to Pavlodar by plane is considered the most comfortable way to travel between these two cities. However, the flight price withheld many from choosing an airplane travel. Now, this problem is solved. Low-cost airline FlyArystan has made air travel within Kazakhstan more accessible for everyone willing to visit Pavlodar.

How to buy cheap flight tickets from Almaty to Pavlodar

You can buy tickets to Pavlodar using Internet, while being at home, in the office or in a cafe.All information you have to specify is the number of passengers, ticket types (adult/children), date of the upcoming trip and extra services needed. After that, enter the passport data, double-check the information entered  and pay for e-tickets.

How to save more

FlyArystan tickets are cheaper than usual, as we are a low-cost airline. However, there are some little tricks that make it possible to make the ticket price even more affordable.

  • Start tracking updates on the airline’s website. Subscribe to the airline’s newsletters on the website and social network accounts. So you can monitor the special offers and cheaper flight tickets. It is especially beneficial if you have just started to plan your vacation and the exact date does not matter.
  • Purchase tickets in advance: the more time left before the date of departure, the cheaper plane tickets are.
  • One of the reasons why low-cost tickets are cheaper is that their cost does not cover baggage transportation, apart from carry-on bag. It is most advantageous to buy baggage in advance when you book your e-ticket as the cost of baggage at the airport will be higher than on the FlyArystan website.
  • Pre-order combo meal when you book your ticket. The airline offers a great combo menu with dishes for every taste. You can choose a chicken or cheese sandwich, a salad, cookies, chocolate, nuts or croutons and enjoy tea, coffee, juices or local beer.

FlyArystan advantages

The reliability of Kazakhstan’s first low-cost airline FlyArystan is out of question as it is a subsidiary of the widely-known and well-established air carrier Air Astana. Therefore, you can be sure that passenger carriage will fully comply with the international standards. The company’s fleet consists of modern Airliners Airbus 320 which are considered as one of the best narrow-body airliners designed for short and medium distances. In order to make your flight even more comfortable, FlyArystan offers all its passengers the opportunity to pay for priority boarding or choose a seat on board.

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