"From door to door"

Delivery of parcels and documents "From door to door" between the cities of Kazakhstan

What can I ship?

How can I ship?

Delivery methods

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Delivery terms

  1. All shipments are accepted for delivery unsealed. Shipments will be sealed at the pick-up point at the airport after a visual check for prohibited items.
  2. Applications for calling the courier "From the door" are accepted from 07:30 to 20:00 only in the cities of Almaty and Astana.
  3. Delivery "To the door" is carried out by courier from 08:30 to 22:00 only in the cities of Almaty and Astana.
  4. When handing the parcel to the courier, please present an identity card.
  5. The free waiting time by the courier is 10 minutes, the maximum waiting time is no more than 20 minutes. You will be sent a link to the additional payment if the free waiting time is exceeded.
  6. If the package is not handed over to the courier within 20 minutes, the service will be considered partially completed. A refund of 50% of the amount will be made within 15 working days after a written request to Written requests for a refund are accepted within 14 calendar days from the application's registration date.
  7. If the recipient does not pick up the parcel from the courier within 20 minutes, the package will be returned to the airport. In this case, the recipient will need to pick up the parcel from the airport, paying a fine of 3000 tenge.
  8. Unclaimed parcels are stored for 7 calendar days. The airline reserves the right to dispose of an unclaimed parcel at its discretion.

The airline reserves the right to refuse transportation if the shipment does not fit within the permissible dimensions or has questionable content.


Forbidden to send:

  • ◉ Liquids
  • ◉ Food, including vegetables and fruits
  • ◉ Plants and flowers
  • ◉ Smartphones, phones, laptops, and equipment containing lithium-ion batteries
  • ◉ Valuable shipments (currency, silver, gold, precious stones, etc.).
  • ◉ Weapon
  • ◉ Narcotic and psychotropic drugs, poisons
  • ◉ Explosives and flammable substances
  • ◉ Prohibited publications, audio, and video materials
  • ◉ Items that may pose a hazard, soil, or damage other shipments and equipment.