FlyArystan policy on flight status changes

Flight status change - a change of route from the planned destination, flight delay, flight schedule change, flight cancellation other change affecting flight departure (arrival) time or route.

If my flight was delayed by 2 hours or more due to the Carrier's fault. What are my options?

If the status of the flight is changed due to the fault of the carrier, passengers are offered the following services:

  • Upon request (if available), a mother and child room for a passenger with a child under seven years of age;
  • When the flight status is changed for more than 2 hours: passengers have the right to request soft drinks, as well as two phone calls, including international lines, lasting no more than five minutes, or two e-mail messages.
  • When the flight status is changed for more than 4 hours — a hot meal.
  • When the flight status is changed for more than 8 hours during the daytime and more than 6 hours during the nighttime — passengers can request an accommodation, as well as a transfer to/ from the accommodation. Passengers are kindly requested to contact FlyArystan representatives and maximum support will be provided.
  • In case passengers were unable to contact the representatives, the airline is willing to reimburse accommodation and meals upon submission of the relevant payment documents.
  • If the flight status is changed for more than 5 hours, passengers can make a choice of:
  1. One free rebooking to the next flight, subject to the seat availability
  2. full refund if rebooking is not possible*.

* If the ticket was purchased through the airline’s official sales channels — the FlyArystan mobile application or website, the passenger can change the date of departure via "My bookings" / "Manage my booking" or make a full refund.

A full refund for the tickets purchased via FlyArystan app.,, or Contact Centre is credited to the same payment card. The receipt in the bank statement is reflected on the date of purchase of the ticket. According to the international banking system standards, it takes 5-7 working days to transfer the funds.

If the ticket was issued through the FlyArystan Call Centre or third-party resources (Aviata, Kaspi Travel, Halyk Travel ticket offices, tour operators, etc), the passenger should apply to the place of purchase to change the departure date or refund the ticket.

For late delivery of a passenger to his/her destination, the carrier shall pay a fine at the rate of three percent of the cost of the fare (fare for the flight section where the delay occurred) for each hour of delay, unless the carrier proves that the delay was due to force majeure, in addition to compensation for losses incurred by the passenger, if they occurred in connection with such delay. The fine shall not exceed the cost of the fare purchased (fare for the segment in which the delay occurred). The payment of the penalty for the delay in the delivery of the passenger to the destination is made by the carrier at the request of the passenger through the feedback form 

3% Compensation Calculator

Applying for compensation

The calculator below is intended solely for approximate calculation. Please enter the ticket cost into the calculator excluding any fare bundles, additional services, and commission (service, airport) fees. The delay time should be indicated in hours and minutes. The correct calculation will be made during processing the request for compensation

The ticket cost (₸)


3% compensation for 1 hour delay =

Applying for compensation
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If you would like to apply for compensation, we kindly ask you to use the feedback form to send your request.

Compensation will not be paid for the following reasons

FlyArystan takes all necessary measures to prevent flight delays and cancellations, but there are circumstances beyond the airline's control. These factors include:

  • Weather conditions
  • Natural disasters
  • Political events
  • Strikes
  • Other unforeseen situations.

In the event that the cause of a flight delay is due to such circumstances, it occurs beyond the will and control of the airline. However, as a support to passengers, FlyArystan offers the following services:

  1. If the flight status is changed for more than 2 hours — provision of soft drinks.
  2. When flight status is changed for more than 4 hours — a hot meal.
  3. When flight status is changed for more than 5 hours passengers can make one free rebooking to the next available flight, subject to availability of seats**.

**- If the ticket was purchased on official sales channels - the FlyArystan mobile application or the website, a passenger can change the date of departure through the "My bookings" / "Manage my booking".

 If the ticket was issued through the airline's Contact Centre or by third-party resources (Aviata, Kaspi Travel, Halyk Travel at the box office of tour operators, etc.), the passenger should contact the original place of ticket purchase.

Notification of passengers about the change of flight departure time

In the event of a flight delay, cancellation or rescheduling, FlyArystan will take all necessary actions to notify the passengers via the mobile phone number and/or e-mail address provided when purchasing the ticket, immediately upon receiving the information about the change.

If a travel agency issued the ticket and only the agency number is displayed in the system (no direct passenger’s contacts), the information will be sent to the contact number of the travel agency instead. Accordingly, it is the agency’s responsibility to inform the passenger about further flight changes.

FlyArystan is not liable for failure to notify the passenger upon change of flight status in case the passenger has not provided his/her contact details, has provided incorrect contact details, or is out of network coverage.

Passengers must ensure that a valid phone number and e-mail address are correctly entered in the booking. The contact details can be checked/changed via the Manage My Booking service.

Passengers can always check the current flight status via FlyArystan mobile App or on the home page of our website In addition, updated information will be available on the displays at the airport.

Connecting flights

FlyArystan is not responsible for missing connections for flights of another Carrier due to delay or cancellation.

Should you lose your connection with the next FlyArystan flight (as well as connection with Air Astana flights) due to a change of flight status, please contact us via WhatsApp chat (text messages only) + 702 702 02 27 for a free rebooking of your entire itinerary.