Online Check-in

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From January 2023, check-in at the airport, including iJan terminals, is a paid service. And online check-in is always free of charge. Detailed information on check-in and boarding rules is here.


Online check-in opens 30 days before departure and closes 40 minutes before departure for domestic flights and 60 minutes for international flights - it is a great way to save time. You can check in yourself online via this website or FlyArystan mobile app.

Who can check-in online?

Online check-in is available for all passengers except for:

  • Passengers of charter flights;
  • Passengers with extra seat;
  • Passengers below 16 year old and travelling alone.

The following passengers may self-check-in online, but must collect their boarding pass only at the check-in desk 60 minutes before departure:

  • Passengers with limited mobility or in need of special assistance;
  • Passengers who have chosen a seat in the exit rows;
  • Passengers who have purchased the service for the transportation of animals
  • Passengers who agree to provide their bank card at the check-in counter in accordance with the airline's anti-fraud procedures.

If plans have changed

Online check-in can be cancelled in “Manage My Booking” section on website or Mobile App no later than 40 minutes before departure time.

After online check-in cancellation ticket can be refunded or exchanged as per the Fare rules

If I have a baggage, can I follow directly to boarding with my E-boarding pass?

If you travel with baggage, you should check-in your bag at the baggage drop-off counter before check-in closure, no later than 60 minutes before flight departure.

I have checked-in online but I don't have opportunity to print out or save my E-boarding pass, what am I supposed to do?

If you have checked-in online, but you have no opportunity to save/print your boarding pass due to technical difficulties, in order to receive your boarding pass at the airport, you need to arrive at check-in counter before check-in closure − no later than 60 minutes before the flight departure. A passenger without a boarding pass will not be accepted for carriage and his/her ticket will be canceled.

During online check-in process system required payment for the service, is it correct?

During online check-in process seats are assigned randomly by system. If you wish to change the randomly assigned seat, additional payment should be provided depending on the chosen row.