Musical instruments on FlyArystan flights

FlyArystan has great respect for the traditions and values of the country, honors national instruments and, moreover, supports domestic musical ensembles and cultural figures, but the rules of FlyArystan air transportation are the same for all passengers. Flight safety is our top priority.

Hand baggage is a bag (suitcase, box, thing) allowed to be carried in the cabin of the aircraft.
How many pieces? One piece
Weight? Maximum of 5 kg, when buying an increased carry-on baggage up to 10 kg (total 1 unit)
Dimensions? 56*23*36 cm and it should be placed in the standardizer (at the airport) with a closed lid.

The musical instrument (up to 56*23*36) is your hand baggage; no other piece can be carried on board.

If the musical instruments in the case meet all the above requirements, they are allowed to be carried as standard hand baggage. If there is a discrepancy in at least one of the parameters above, it is necessary to arrange the transportation of a musical instrument in advance.

How is the service of transportation of a musical instrument exceeding 56*23*36 cm parameters issued?

1. For maximum safety of the instrument, as well as in order to ensure safety, such instruments are transported in a nearby place (at the window), for this it is necessary to buy the service "Transportation of musical instruments" in advance when booking an air ticket.

2. If you do not add this service when buying a ticket, then you will need to leave the tool in the baggage storage room at the airport, or hand over the instrument on your own responsibility as check-in baggage to the baggage compartment, paying at the airport for the baggage service for each kilo.

3. Learn more at -> Booking information -> Special services

It is important to know

* FlyArystan flies up to 188 people on each flight
* The number of shelves on board the aircraft is limited
* By buying a ticket, passengers agree to the rules of the carrier

FlyArystan urges you to familiarize yourself with the rules of transportation before buying a ticket. In cases of violations of the rules, as well as manifestations of disrespect for employees, the airline will be forced to refuse transportation.