Cargo Services


FlyArystan and Air Astana Cargo Sales Office

✈ Almaty city, 51 Zakarpatskaya str
Тel.: +7 (727) 356 09 50
Mob.: + 7 702 702 01 59
WhatsApp: + 7 702 702 01 59
Working hours: 24/7


✈ Astana, 119 Kabanbay batyr avenue, Cargo terminal of a temporary storage warehouse, 2nd floor
Tel.: +7 (7172) 286 472
Mob.: +7 702 702 12 01
WhatsApp: +7 702 702 12 01
Working hours: daily from 8:00 to 20:00, 7 days a week


Process of cargo formality

  • Registration and delivery to the cargo terminal - at least 4 hours before the flight
  • Cargo formality takes from 40 minutes or more, depending on the number of pieces
  • Cargo terminal address in Almaty, Zakarpatskaya Street, 51a, telephone number +7 (727) 388 89 25



Cargo packing requirement

According to the Order of the Minister of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated April 30, 2015, No. 540 the shipper is obliged to pack the goods in such a way as to exclude the possibility of a person’s harm or other cargo and airline’s property’s damage.


Shipper’s responsibility

According to the order of the Minister of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated April 30, 2015 No. 540, the shipper is responsible to the airline for the completeness, correctness, and reliability of the information provided in the Air Waybill including cases when the airline representative filled in the Air Waybill according to shipper's request.


Acceptable cargo dimensions

    • Dimensions of the cargo include its length, width, and height.
    • If the length or width of one seat exceeds 156 cm, or the weight exceeds 80 kg, the transportation requires approval with the airline -, tel.: 8 (702) 702 01 59
    • On FlyArystan flights, the one-piece cargo weight limit is 50 kg. The pieces weighing more than 50 kg require approval from the airline.



Dangerous goods

Transportation of Dangerous Goods of all classes and subclasses requires the airline's approval by e-mail:, mob.: +7 702 702 01 59


Transportation of equipment containing lithium-ion batteries, lithium-metal batteries

Equipment containing lithium-ion (power of the cells not exceeding 20 W/h and batteries - not more than 100 W/h) and lithium-metal cells (the lithium content of which does not exceed 2 g) does not require providing the Dangerous Goods Shipper's Declaration.

According to IATA DGR Figure 7.1.C appropriate label must be affixed to the package. Air waybill must contain the correct information of the contents (for example, Lithium-ion batteries in compliance with Section II of PI 966).


Equipment containing lithium-ion and lithium-metal elements, power density, and lithium content exceeding the above standards, requires the completion of the shipper's dangerous goods declaration.


Necessary information for the correct registration of Dangerous Goods:

  1. Material Safety Data Sheet;
  2. Shipper's declaration of dangerous goods;


Dangerous Goods prohibited for transportation

The following hazard classes are not accepted for air transportation:

      • Class 1: explosives
      • Division 6.2.: infectious substances
      • Class 7: Radioactive materials



Calculation of cargo transportation

    • The cost of transportation is calculated based on the highest value, physical or chargeable weight.
    • Chargeable weight is calculated by the following formula:
      Chargeable weight = ((length * width * height) / 6000) * number of pieces



Tracking system

    • Cargo status can be checked at  ,
    • Select the Tracking tab.
    • From the Carrier menu, select KC.
    • The 465 prefix is not required.
    • In the Air Waybill box, enter the 8-digit invoice number
    • Click on Submit.