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Ozgert makes travel planning even easier!

Buying Ozgert Service (Flexibility) gives an opportunity to make a reissue without penalty.

We know your travel plans may change. Feel free to buy your tickets in advance with Ozgert, a service that allows you to rebook your flight dates without penalty.

*Currently, the service is only available for domestic flights within Kazakhstan.

Terms & conditions of the service:

        Ozgert in the IBE

  • Ozgert is not available when booking any of the FLEXI fare bundles and the Comfort Plus bundle of the LOWEST fare (the bundles already include free reissue service).
  • Ozgert provides an opportunity to make rebooking without penalty one time but taking into account the fare addition.
  • Ozgert can be added separately for each passenger and for each flight segment.
  • Ozgert doesn’t allow changing the route or passenger name.
  • Passengers can buy and use Ozgert no later than 2 hours before departure on domestic routes.
  • The service cannot be used for group bookings.
  • Ozgert fee is not refundable. Ozgert fee is refunded in case of involuntary rebooking (change in flight schedule for more than 6 hours) and refund (flight cancellation) due to the fault of the airline.

The fares can be found here