Seat allocation

You can purchase your seat:

  • During and after your booking on the FlyArystan website  via the "Bag, Seat +" section or in the FlyArystan mobile app
  • During online check-in on the website
  • At the airport check-in desk
  • via the FlyArystan Contact Centre
  • At the travel agency
  • Through flight attendants after takeoff (from 15.08.2023)**.

*Learn more about the prices for onboard seats here.

**The number of seats is limited, please contact the flight attendants for information.

To make a refund, please contact us.

If you decide not to book a seat in advance, we will assign you one randomly free of charge during check-in.

In the event of a voluntary change in the flight date, a purchased selected seat onboard is not guaranteed and the cost of the service will not be refunded. You will need to purchase the seat selection again on a changed date.

The hand luggage shelf above the passenger seat is not assigned to a seat. The shelf above seats 1D, 1E, 1F is occupied due to the mandatory transportation of resque equipment in accordance with the airline's flight safety rules. 

Safety regulations

  • Emergency exit row seats are either next to or immediately behind the exit door.
  • In the unlikely event of an evacuation, the passenger must assist in the opening of the emergency door.
  • Emergency exit seats will only be available if the passenger meets the safety requirements. The passenger who occupies the emergency exit row seat should be in full fitness and able to understand printed and verbal instructions in Kazakh, English, or Russian.
  • Row 11 and 12 seats do not recline according to the safety rules*
  • The "Seat Selection" service is not available for passengers with a confirmed "Unaccompanied child" service, because in accordance with safety rules, they are only given seats in the last row.
  • Passengers travelling with animals cannot be seated on the 1st and Emergence exit rows. No more than one passenger with a confirmed service for a pet carriage in the cabin is allowed in a single row.
  • Passengers who are not eligible to book emergency exit seat:

        - persons who physically and mentally are not able to open an emergency exit door;
        - children and teenagers (2-18 yrs.), including Unaccompanied minors;
        - passengers with infants and/or children;
        - passengers with pet animals;
        - passengers whose physical size would prevent them from being able to move quickly;
        - passengers who, due to language problems, might not become aware of instructions given in Kazakh, English, or Russian, or ;
        - senior passengers;
        - pregnant women;
        - passengers who require extension seat belts;
        - passengers with special needs;

  • The final decision about the passenger seating at the emergency exit row is made by crew members of the flight.
  • The cabin crew will check whether you meet the safety requirements you've agreed to when reserving your emergency exit row seat. If you don't, the crew will have to take the decision to assign you another seat with no refund possibility.
Payment return fee

If it’s not possible to provide a similar seat type (premium seats on 1st and emergency exit rows, seats on rows 2-4, and standard seats on 5-11/14-30 rows) due to aircraft change, flight delay, or cancellation, the passenger can make a refund. A full refund is permitted, and the passenger is transferred to a free seat.

To proceed with a refund please contact the sales agent that issued the service and provide scan copy of your boarding pass with the Security service stamp. We cannot process refund applications at the airport or on board.


Refunds are NOT available in the following cases:

  • in case of voluntary cancellation or change of the ticket;
  • change of seat during the online check-in;
  • non-compliance with aviation security requirements;
  • no show (passenger being late, in case of non-compliance with immigration and other requirements);

Seat map