FlyArystan Voucher

FlyArystan voucher is an electronic document that stores the amount you have returned. Please note that this is not a direct refund in cash or on a payment card.

FlyArystan voucher can be used for future travel bookings and FlyArystan additional services (seat, meals or baggage and etc; voucher cannot be redeemed for third-party providers' services). 

  • Voucher is issued for each passenger in booking.
  • Each passenger can use a personal voucher issued in his/her name to pay only for his/her tickets and additional services. The name and surname of the passenger must match the name and surname on the voucher.
  • Each passenger can use up to 2 vouchers within a payment.
  • If the available amount on voucher is not enough to pay for ticket the balance is paid by payment card.
  • If the available amount on voucher is more than ticket amount a new voucher is automatically issued for the difference. This voucher can be used by passenger for later payments until the expiration date of the voucher.

FlyArystan Voucher:

  • Can be used for future travel bookings and FlyArystan additional services (seat allocation, meals or baggage etc; voucher cannot be used for third-party providers' services) and is valid for 6 months from the date it is issued.
  • Can be used by passenger himself while booking via website or FlyArystan Mobile App, as well as via Contact Centre by phone +7 727 331 10 10 or travel agencies officies
  • Is non-transferable to any other person.
  • Can’t be provided in a cash value.
  • Is not valid as a separate document for transportation.

How to use the voucher:

The voucher can be used only after booking the ticket (after choosing dates and directions, and filling passenger's info)
During the stage of payment, you need to choose the payment method «Payment by voucher», then choose the passenger name, fill in the voucher number, then click on «Apply».
Make sure that you enter the voucher number in one piece, without hyphens and gaps, for example, 465420000000.»