Meal and onboard services

Arystan Café menu: 

  • Hot meal: Pilaf + Beverage (Juice/Hot beverage) - 3 000 ₸
  • Hot meal: Kiev cutlet with mashed potatoes + Beverage (Juice/Hot beverage) - 3 000 ₸
  • Hot meal: Teriyaki chicken with egg noodles + Beverage (Juice/Hot beverage) - 3 000 ₸
  • Combo club-sandwich + Beverage (Juice/Hot beverage) - 2 000 ₸
  • Combo sandwich loaf + Beverage (Juice/Hot beverage) - 2 000 ₸


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Learn more about the prices for onboard meal here.

Pre-order your meal no later than 24 h before departure

  • during the booking on or via the FlyArystan App
  • after the booking via My Bookings section in the FlyArystan App or via "+Bag, Seat, Meal” section on

Onboard Payments

  • By cash
  • By card


Pre-order conditions

  • Meal pre-order is not available for bookings made less than 24 hours before departure
  • The boarding pass is a confirmation of your pre-order and should be presented to the cabin crew
  • The change of a pre-order cannot be made less than 24 hours before departure. 
    • The voluntary change for a pre-order made less than 24 hours before departure will be cancelled and is not refundable.  
    • The forced change due to the fault of the airline and not providing a pre-order, the cost of the order can be refunded by contacting

Rules and Conditions

  • Passengers are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages not purchased from the Arystan Cafe.
  • Your choice might not always be available
  • Pre-ordered sandwiches served hot


To receive a refund please contact sales agent that issued the service and provide scan copy of your boarding pass with Security service stamp. Refund applications at the airport or on board are not available.


Refund is available:
  • in case of forced refusal of the passenger from departure in case of cancellation/delay of the flight for more than 6 hours;
  • failure to provide catering due to the change of the aircraft.
Refund is NOT available in the following cases:
    • in case of voluntary cancellation or change of the ticket;
    • no show (passenger being late, in case of non-compliance with immigration and other requirements)

Payment by voucher

  • The voucher can only be used to purchase additional services on the airline's website, in the FlyArystan mobile application, through the FlyArystan contact center at +7 727 331 10 10, or at travel agency offices. The voucher cannot be used at the airport.