Congratulations on board

Congratulations on boardCongratulations on board

The "Congratulations on Board" service will allow you to make a special gift for your loved ones. During the flight, the crew will congratulate the passenger at your request.

How to order a service:

Requests for the "Congratulations on board" service should be sent no later than 72 hours before departure to the following email address: It is necessary to send in the letter the date and flight number, the number of the congratulator and the text with the details.

When rebooking the departure date of a passenger with a confirmed service, the reissue of the "Congratulations on Board" service is not available

Cost of service in domestic routes: 11 000 ₸

Cost of service on international routes: 24 €

For legal, Requests for the "Congratulations on board" should be sent to the following email address

Rules and Conditions

Refund is available:

  • No later than 72 hours before departure. To request, please contact us at
  • In case of forced refusal of the passenger from departure in case of cancellation/delay of the flight for more than 6 hours;
  • Failure to provide the service due to the change of the aircraft.