Preventive measures taken onboard against coronavirus (COVID-19)

The safety and health of our passengers and employees is always our priority in any circumstances.

For this reason, we inform you of the measures that we have taken regarding the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19), which has recently been causing concern throughout the world.

The air in the cabin is constantly filtered and refreshed every few minutes with highly efficient HEPA filters that hold 99.97% of the germs. A study commissioned by the European Aviation Safety Agency found that the cabin air quality is similar or better than what is experienced in normal indoor environments.

We maintain the highest standards of cleanliness by adhering to the guidelines set by EASA and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The cabin, toilets, seats and tray tables are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected each night by professional cleaning teams at all of our airports. Additionally, every aircraft goes through a regular deep clean by a team of specialist cleaners.

We wish you a safe and pleasant flight.