Semey – Astana flight

If you are planning a trip to the capital of Kazakhstan, do not hurry to buy train or bus tickets. FlyArystan offers flights both for students and businesspeople, who are planning their trip to Astana. Regardless of the trip purpose, you will get to the desired city of destination with comfort and without any problems. The flights to Astana are operated without any stopovers in the evening on a daily basis. It allows you to plan a trip on your own and do not stick to the flight timetable. It will take you only one hour and thirty minutes to get to the city of destination. We advise you not to travel by bus or train, because it will take you a lot of time.

How to buy a Semey – Astana ticket?

In order to buy a Semey – Astana ticket, use the search engine on Enter the city of destination and departure, the number of passengers and the desired dates. View all offered options and choose the best one.

We recommend booking a one-way ticket to Astana as soon as possible, as well a round-trip ticket. You will not worry about the availability of tickets before your trip, and you can easily start planning your leisure time in Astana.

Semey – Astana flight tickets: price from a low-cost airline

In Kazakhstan, we offer the best flight ticket prices from Semey to Astana. Since FlyArystan is a low-cost airline, it does not have a business class. Thus, FlyArystan offers a lot of seats on board and flight tickets at a lower price.

In addition, you have the opportunity to manage the price of flight tickets on your own. Choose the desired fare bundle.

Fare bundles from FlyArystan

We excluded all ancillary services from the ticket price. Thus, you have an opportunity to choose the desired services on your own. We offer four fare bundles:

- Standard. If you travel on budget, this bundle will be a good option for you. The bundle includes a flight ticket price and hand baggage up to 5 kg.

- Standard Plus. This bundle includes the price of a flight ticket, hand baggage (up to 10 kg) and a standard seat selection on board.

- Comfort. It is the most popular fare bundle among passengers. If you choose the Comfort bundle, you will get a ticket, hand baggage (up to 5 kg), checked baggage (up to 20 kg) and the standard seat selection on board.

- Comfort Plus. This fare bundle will be suitable for all passengers. It includes the following services: flight ticket, hand baggage (10 kg), checked baggage (up to 20 kg), seat selection on board, priority boarding and a one-time ticket change or cancellation depending on the chosen fare.

Please note that if you choose the Standard Plus, Comfort or Comfort Plus fare bundles, you will save your money up. The price of the bundles Standard Plus and Comfort is lower by 10%, Comfort plus - 50%.

Benefits of flying with FlyArystan

- Low prices from the low-cost airline;

- Modern aircraft (the average age of the aircraft is about 6 years);

- Wide selection of ancillary services;

- Security;

- Excellent service on board and others.

Check in for a flight

You can check in for a flight on Check-in opens 15 days before the scheduled departure time and closes 1 hour before the scheduled departure time. In order to check in online, select the appropriate tab on the website, enter your booking number, first name and surname. You will save your time and have a rest with a cup of coffee at the airport or spend more time for packing your bags.

Flight timetable from Semey to Astana on

The Semey -Astana flight is operated in the evening on a daily basis. In order to view a flight timetable, select the Plan and Book section and open the Timetable subsection. You will find more information about the duration of the flight, time of departure and arrival.

Sightseeing attractions of Astana

- Astana-Baiterek monument;

- Hazret Sultan Mosque;

- Musical fountain;

- Palace of Peace and Reconciliation;

- Nur-Astana Mosque;

- Ishim River embarkment and others.

How to get to the centre of Astana from the airport?

You can use public transport, taxi services or rent a car.

Public transport. Buses No. 10, No. 12 and No. 100 run from the airport to the city centre. The interval between flights is from 5 to 16 minutes.

Taxi. We recommend that you contact the official services, as private taxi drivers often unreasonably put the prices up. A trip to the centre with an official company will cost about KZT 1800 - 2500.

Car rental. You can rent a car in advance through online services or contact the car rental companies at the airport. You will need to present your driving licence, money, and other documents according to the terms of the agency.

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