Ticket status confirmation

You could issue a Confirmation letter that your electronic-ticket was used by filling out the form below.

465 ticket number

10 digits after 465 If more than 10 digits, do not add last digits 01, 02.

Ticket surname

Terms of issuing an electronic confirmation letter:

Confirmation letter can be issued only in a currency that was used for purchasing a ticket.

In order to receive Confirmation letter about flight cancellation/delay, please send an email with your request to: customer.relations@flyarystan.com.

Confirmation letter for confirming the fares, fares valid on specific dates or flight segments cannot be issued. You can find fare and flight direction information on our website.

No other Confirmation letters can be provided, and requests for other confirmation letters will not be considered.

Passing the ticket to the third parties or providing them with information allowing determining ticket number, the passenger agrees to receive this reference by these persons. In this case, the airline is not responsible for access of the data by the third parties.

For the requests sent to Contact.centre@flyarystan.com by the third party please send a notarization, or a guarantee letter or letter from the passenger(s) (scanned copy with signature - all templates in free form), that he /she (they) do not have any claims for the provision of his /her (their) confidential information to a third party. Otherwise, the request will not be processed.

If your confirmation letter is not formed on the website, please contact Contact.centre@flyarystan.com

The document will be provided within 5 working days and free of charge.