Shymkent—Almaty flight tickets

Thousands of passengers move between the two major cities of Kazakhstan every year — many of them are eager to buy Shymkent—Almaty flight ticketflight tickets at the most affordable prices. Thanks to the low-cost carrier FlyArystan, affordable prices have recently become a reality.

Are you planning a flight from Shymkent to Almaty? Choose the low-cost airline and enjoy high-quality service at a fair price. FlyArystan, being a subsidiary of Air Astana, offers cheap tickets for day flights departing from Shymkent airport today, as well as on all other days of the week.

Shymkent—Almaty schedule on

The company operates as a low-cost airline, which make it possible to run direct flights from Shymkent to Almaty at affordable prices. Our advantages are as follows:

  • The Shymkent—Almaty route is served by new aircraft working in the mode of economical fuel consumption.
  • Our cabins have no business class — in such a way we increase the number of seats on the Shymkent—Almaty flight, and the average ticket price is notably lower.
  • The leading Kazakhstan low-cost airline FlyArystan operates all aircraft of the same type as it is a proven way to reduce maintenance costs and further reduce passenger fares.
  • The staff complies with international service standards when dealing with passengers and performing their regular duties.

Shymkent—Almaty flight schedule

The company launched its first flights in May 2019. Follow the schedule on the official website and save on your travels to see more wonderful places in Kazakhstan.

The flight departs from Shymkent at 2.35 PM (14.35) and lands in Almaty at 3.50 PM (15.50). The flight takes 1 hour and 15 minutes in total.

How to buy Shymkent—Almaty cheap tickets

Carefully study the Shymkent—Almaty flight schedule. The earlier you start searching for tickets, the more you are likely to find the lowest prices. Use the online booking system on the website making it possible to compare and find the best deals within seconds. FlyArystan offers the following extra services: baggage transportation, seat selection, priority boarding, onboard meal and other services. You can order and pay for each of the services on the website when booking a ticket.

Additional benefits of the low-cost carrier FlyArystan for the Shymkent—Almaty flight

Low-cost airlines are usually distinguished by impeccable punctuality. FlyArystan is a great example that follows this tradition.

It is also convenient to check in for your flight on our website. Thus before boarding the Shymkent—Almaty plane, you will already have your boarding pass in hand. This eliminates the possibility of being late for your plane, reduces queues at airports and makes the lives of most passengers a way easier.

How to get from the airport to Almaty (ALA)?

There is only one airport in Almaty. It is located relatively close, just 16 km from the city center. Bus is the cheapest option. Bus 79 runs most often, approximately every 6 to 10 minutes. But you will also be taken to the city by buses 3, 32, 86, 92 and 106.Payments in the bus are made by card, but it is challenging to buy a ticket at the airport. To pay the driver in cash is a way out. This is considered completely normal.

An alternative and more expensive option is to get to the city by taxi. There is one thing in Almaty: you need to name the intersection of streets, for example, Dostyk Avenue/Satpayev corner, so that the taxi driver correctly understands the destination. If you just say the street name and house number, you risk being misunderstood.

If you want to ride comfortably and save money, try to flag down a private taxi. Cars stop rather quickly.

Current information about Almaty

The climate in Almaty is temperate; in winter, the average temperature in the city is up to -5°C and the summer months — about +25°C. The spring period, from April to May, is considered the rainiest.

Tourist destination in Almaty

While enjoying your time in the city, you are definitely recommended to visit:

  • Central State Museum of Kazakhstan.
  • Museum of Folk Music Instruments.
  • Central Synagogue of Kazakhstan.
  • ARTiSHOCK Theater.
  • German Drama Theater.
  • Korean Theater of Musical Comedy.
  • Almaty Central City Mosque.
  • First President Park.

If you want to significantly save money on your way back to Shymkent, do not forget to book a ticket in advance on the FlyArystan website. Enjoy your trip!

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