From Pavlodar to Almaty by plane: cheap domestic flights in Kazakhstan

Starting from May 2019, anyone willing to get from Pavlodar to Almaty can do it by plane, without overpaying for air travel. It became possible thanks to FlyArystan, the first Kazakhstan low-cost airline. The opinion that flying is an expensive travel method not affordable for everyone is becoming an outdated stereotype.

Whatever the reason to visit Almaty - sightseeing, business trip, search for adventures - no one likes to spend extra money and time.

Pavlodar – Almaty flight schedule

FlyArystan operates Pavlodar – Almaty flights every day. Currently, those are day flights. Try to plan your arrival at the Pavlodar airport so that you are there about 2 hours before the departure time of your flight as per the current schedule.

The flight duration is less than two hours by an Airbus 320 airliner with 180 passenger capacity, which makes direct flights from Pavlodar to Almaty even more attractive than traveling 1,449 km by train or car, as such trip will take almost a day and will be tiresome for you. The latter can be a key factor on the eve of important negotiations, entrance exams or competitions. And even if the purpose of a trip is to see the sights of Almaty, it is better to do it fresh and full of energy.

Besides, the Almaty airport is only 15 km from the city center, which allows to get to a hotel in this part of the city in less than half-hour.

How to buy cheap air tickets from Pavlodar to Almaty

In order to buy a ticket from Pavlodar, you must decide on the appropriate date of flight. Then, on the FlyArystan website, select the number of passengers, decide on the required additional services, enter the passport details. All that is left to do is verify the entered information and pay for an electronic ticket. The website interface is so user-friendly that no one would have any difficulties.

To make your trip even more cost-effective, you should follow the tips below:

  • Sign up for airline updates - then you will always know about all promotions, sales and news. This will allow you to plan your tourist trips without overpaying for the tickets.
  • It is best to buy baggage space in advance, when booking an electronic air ticket. This will be much cheaper than paying for baggage at the Pavlodar airport.
  • Plan your trip in advance, check the ticket prices for the flights a couple of days before or after the desired departure date. For instance, a weekday flight may turn out to be cheaper. While a holiday flight may be more expensive.

FlyArystan airline advantages

The first Kazakhstan low-cost airline FlyArystan is a subsidiary of AirAstana. All carriage fully complies with the international air travel safety and convenience standards. Airbus 320 is considered one of the best modern narrow-body airliners known for high standards and quality as well as cost effectiveness, which make it a perfect airliner for short and medium distances.


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