From Aktobe to Astana by plane: flights in Kazakhstan

Flying from Aktobe to Astana is very easy nowadays. Many companies offer plane tickets, but unfortunately they do not guarantee low prices for the flights. Not so long ago there was widespread stereotype of air travel being expensive and not affordable for everyone. Also the trips within the country are more appropriate with other and cheaper means of transportation. Is it really so? With launch of the first Kazakh low-cost airline FlyArystan, traveling the county by plane has become even more real and affordable. The low-cost airline has debunked the myth of high air ticket prices by offering tickets to popular destination at attractive cost. There is no more need to save up or wait for a better time looking for special offers and discounts from airlines to see the world.

Astana has been attracting travelers for a long time: people come to this city to experience new adventures, see the sights, relax, visit family and friends or hold business negotiations. All of them wish to save their time and money. FlyArystan offers plane tickets from Aktobe to Astana at the lowest prices.

How to buy a Aktobe - Astana plane ticket

A trip to Astana on surface transport takes approximately 21 hours while flying from NAktobe to Astana with FlyArystan takes only 1 hour and 40 minutes. Don’t let your good mood from anticipation of the upcoming trip to be spoiled by a long ride on a train or bus. Use search on FlyArystan website to select the best flight in terms of time and date. While booking, you only need to specify the day and time of the flight, number of passengers and their passport data, and the necessary additional services. Then just check the correctness of your data and pay for the ticket online. The user-friendly interface allows to book air tickets in several minutes with no previous experience of using the booking system.

Cheap Aktobe - Astana air tickets

Experienced travelers know how to save on flights. Buying air tickets on FlyArystan website will not take long and the prices will be a pleasant surprise even for experienced tourists. We took care to offer you the best service at the minimal price.

Moreover, there are proven methods to reduce the plane ticket costs. We have selected the most effective and popular methods for you. Follow our tips to buy the cheapest plane tickets:

  • Move the date and time;
    If your plans are flexible enough to move the time and date of flight, check the plane ticket prices within the range of several days or weeks. Flying on weekdays or at the unpopular departure time is usually cheaper. Also remember that prices may grow a bit during the holiday season.
  • Buy additional services during booking;
    It is cheaper than paying for extra luggage in the airport.
  • Follow the airline newsfeed.
    To stay updated on the latest news, offers and sales of the airline, you can subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on social networks, or visit the official website where the latest information is published.

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