Air tickets to Uralsk

Uralsk is one of the ancient cities of Kazakhstan. Its date of foundation is considered to be 1613, but the first mention of the settlement on this territory was met earlier. Tourists often visit the city to explore the local history, culture and architecture. The first Kazakhstan low-cost carrier FlyArystan has launched flights to Uralsk, which greatly simplifies travel planning. Now, there is no need to exhaust yourself with long trips in the driver’s seat or spend a day on a train or bus travel. The prices for air tickets from FlyArystan pleasantly surprise and easily compete with the price for tickets for land transport over long distances. Evening flights to Uralsk make it possible to devote the whole day to sightseeing and business meetings.

How to buy air tickets?

Intuitive search system for plane tickets on the FlyArystan carrier website enable you to book tickets in a few clicks. To do this, you need to specify the route, the date of departure, the number of passengers, the extra services needed and fill in the passenger data according to the passport or ID document. Having checked the data, all you need to do is to pay for your tickets by banking card. If you have any additional questions, you can address them to the operators of the airline’s contact center.

How to save on the flight to Uralsk?

  • Analyze prices and plan your trip in advance. On weekdays, tickets are often cheaper than on weekends. Also, prices depend on seasonality: during vacations or holidays, the price is higher than usual. If the departure date is of no importance, examine the flight offers to Uralsk a few weeks before and after the pre-planned date, compare them and give preference to the best offer.
  • Buy extra services at the stage of booking as it is cheaper than, for example, pay for your luggage at the airport.
  • Subscribe to the airline’s newsletter and social media accounts. Thus, you will not miss special offers, promos and discounts.

Flight schedule to Uralsk

You can find the flight schedule on the home page in the “Plan and book” tab. Specify the desired direction and check the current flight schedule on the online display. There, the full flight information is available: flight number, flight duration, departure and arrival time.

Uralsk Airport Akjol (IATA:URA, ICAO:UARR)

Akjol is an international airport of Kazakhstan located in Uralsk. It was founded as late as in 1933. It lies 6 km away from the city’s center. You can get to Ak Zhol by public route 12, car or taxi. The following services are available at the Uralsk airport: cars parking, free Wi-Fi access and an affordable cafe where you can eat before the departure.

Sightseeing attractions in Uralsk

The history of Uralsk extends back more than four centuries. Over this time, the city was decorated with peculiar architectural masterpieces, fountains and monuments. The Uralsk landmarks you should watch first are as follows:

  • Nature and Ecology Museum
  • Regional History and Ethnography Museum
  • Yemelyan Pugachev Memorial House
  • Timber Merchant Vanyushin House
  • Mikhaylovskaya Fire Station
  • Uralsk Akimat
  • Rotunda
  • Mikhailo-Arkhangelsky Cathedral and St. Nikolay Church
  • Red Mosque

Climate in Uralsk

The city has a moderately cold climate with a significant rainfall. The hottest month is July with an average temperature of 22.6°C, while the coldest one is January with the temperature of -12.8°C. The average annual rainfall is 323 mm.

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